Esteban Anastasio

September 6, 2023

My Name is Esteban Anastasio and I started late on the guitar by most common standards when I was 15. I still managed to become a professional musician. I became a University Professor of Guitar and Music, twice. Dept Chair of guitar at three different institutions. I’ve played with heavy metal bands, rock bands, jazz bands, a touring Greek band, orchestras, and currently have 4 active performing music groups that I get to play the music which I love to play. I also play as a solo classical guitarist, studio session guitarist, and have had my original music featured in a feature film. Esteban Anastasio stands distinguished in the realm of music with over a quarter-century of professional guitar mastery. Originally honing his craft in the vibrant musical culture of Atlanta, Georgia for 15 years, Esteban has carved a niche for himself as both a performing artist and an esteemed educator. His academic accolades are underscored by his tenure as a Guitar Professor at Georgia State University, along with his instructive roles at institutions such as Indiana University, Atlanta Christian College, and the College of Western Idaho. Beyond the classroom, Esteban has graced many stages, touring extensively across the Southeast as a part of various professional ensembles. In Boise, Esteban’s musical tapestry further expands. He is the visionary founder and driving force behind Tambalka, a novel all-acoustic ensemble celebrating the sounds of modern Mediterranean music. Simultaneously, he dons the electric guitar with unparalleled prowess as the lead and founder of the Heavy Metal group, FAT WIZARD. His versatility shines as he takes on the classical guitar solos or accompanies the rhythmic dance and passionate singing of the ensemble, ‘Flamenco Idaho’. A beacon of musical dedication, Esteban’s pedagogic philosophy is anchored in foundational excellence. He champions classical, finger-style, Flamenco, progressive electric guitar, and jazz fusion genres with equal finesse. Central to his teaching approach is the emphasis on impeccable form and swift technical mastery, ensuring accelerated learning outcomes for his pupils. For those treading the intermediate and advanced terrains of music, Esteban imparts valuable techniques in composition and improvisation. Presently, Esteban is channeling his vast experience and expertise to offer tailored private lessons, catering to both budding enthusiasts and seasoned guitarists and other musicians. Lessons available for Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Composition, Music Theory.