E. James Paris (James)

Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

James has been a music instructor since the 1980’s.

Originally from California, James was introduced to music at an early age with many years of private music school instruction. His father was a live performer on piano and vocals. His mother played piano, mandolin and accordion.

James has worked for the Grammy awards at the Recording Academy in Santa Monica in all aspects of the yearly Grammy productions. He has also worked as an actor and producer, film and music.

One of his latest accomplishments was producing a music CD,

(Christmas Around the World) that featured music artists:

Pat Boon, Freida Paine, Ambrosia and Bing Crosby’s grandson, David Crosby.

James had also toured with music acts, performed both live radio and T.V. and recorded on many studio projects as a session musician.

He has a passion to help music students reach their goals to play music.