Esteban Anastasio

Mr. Anastasio is a professional guitarist. He has been playing guitar for over 25 years. Prior to moving to Boise, Esteban spent 15 years in Atlanta, Georgia living and working as a professional musician. Esteban was a professor of guitar at Georgia State University and played in various professional groups and ensembles while touring around the Southeast.

Here in Boise, Mr. Anastasio is the founding member of an all-acoustic Mediterranean modern music ensemble called Tambalka as well as the lead electric guitarist for the African Rock group Afrosonics. He performs frequently as a solo classical and flamenco guitarist in various venues around Boise. Mr. Anastasio is a dedicated musician and educator and has helped numerous students master the art of playing the guitar.

He specializes in classical/finger-style and Flamenco guitar as well as electric guitar mastery. Esteban focuses on great form and techniques to get students playing extremely quickly. Methods in intermediate and advanced songwriting and improvisation are also available. Esteban is now teaching private customized lessons for beginner and advanced students and will be implementing guitar classes at the Dunkley School of Music.