Byron (Boe) Adams

Mr. Adams grew up in a very musical family. His mother taught and performed on both the piano and organ. To further his own education, he later attended Musicians Institute. There he was able to pursue his desire to achieve excellence in drumming.

Boe Adams has been working as a percussion teacher for 18 years. He understands the importance of encouraging students to strive to their potential. He enjoys helping students participate in music programs. He is a firm believer in promoting the idea that the opportunity to learn about the arts and to perform as artists is an essential part of a well rounded curriculum.

Mr. Adams  says that music helps students explore realities, relationships and ideas that cannot be conveyed in words or numbers. Boe is currently assisting with the Bishop Kelly Marching band directed by Mark Peters. He has assisted and tutored several students with college music auditions. All were awarded scholarships. Since moving to the Boise area he added and studied Jazz and pedagogy under Patrick Kurdy.