Bob Berman is originally from Philadelphia. Music was always a part of his youth having taken piano lessons as a youngster and a mother who played often.

Bob attended Berklee College of Music as a bass major including theory and composition. While studying at Berklee, Bob organized a busy working band in and around the Boston area and began to travel throughout New England. 

Bob returned to the Philadelphia area and decided to continue his formal education studying piano and was accepted into the school of music at West Chester University as a piano major with a degree in music education. Bob studied piano with Dr. Robert Pennington and piano pedagogy on a masters’ level with Dr. Paul Blair. Bob performed a Beethoven Sonata and a Schumann Fantasy Suite as part of his senior recital requirements.

Bob has been teaching all levels of piano including beginning students to early advanced students for 28 years. Additionally, Bob teaches classical piano, popular music, theory, composition, jazz harmony, fake book studies and improvisation. Bob’s ultimate goal with his students is to transfer his teaching skills to his students so that the student acquires the tools to become their own teacher as time passes.